Rings and musings


      Just completed some work today on some pretty cool rings.  The colors of the polymer clay really pop in these rings with beautiful saturated hues.  They are fun to wear and are a great accessory for todays fashions that emphasize mixed prints and colors. 

       I also had a great conversation this weekend with Jenn Jarvis , a local nail technician/artist.  I have always been interested in the artwork that adorns peoples' fingers and toes, but in recent years it has really started to become an art form onto itself and Jenn's work is a beautiful example of this.  (I am hoping to have some images of her work for future installments of this blog.) I have also begun a Pinterest Board of nail art creations that I find particularly inspiring.  

    Inspiration can come from anything and everything but perhaps the most beautiful thing about it is how it comes to us.   It can be as simple as talking to someone about what they do. People are all around us making things...all kinds of things, and that is a wonderful thing.   


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