Dio Designs at The 4th Annual Maplewood YMCA Craft Show


Dio Designs is pleased to announce that we will be at the 4th annual Maplewood YMCA craft sale on Saturday, October 18th from 9am-3pm.  Come and see our latest creations, including some ghoulish patterns for the upcoming holiday.  Lots of excellent crafters at what is quickly becoming one of the area's nicest indoor craft fairs! 

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I am so excited to hear this news. Dio Designs organized Maplewood YMCA craft sale in the coming days. You can pick the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety most interested for you to give a better look to your homes. Lots of excellent arts are available there for you.

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I am so glad to hear about this Dio designs 4th Annual Maplewood YMCA craft show. Major Uses of Cannabidiol I like your designs and it is very interesting too. I also have a plan to attend this craft show and I hope you will add some interesting items to your show.

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