New! Sterling Silver and Polymer Earrings



     Dio Designs is  proud to announce the first of our sterling silver and polymer line of jewelry.  Inspired by the colorfully beautiful patterns in many of our mini-canes, these earrings are more diminutive than our polymer only line, (about 1/2" on their longest side.)  They are reversable, with the front and back displaying the same mirrored pattern and have sterling silver ear wires. Like all of Dio Designs earrings, they are exceptionally light weight and a pleasure to wear.   They retail online for $35.00 each and will be introduced locally at our booth at The Rochester Museum and Science Center's Holiday Bazaar. 

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Glad to see these sterling

Glad to see these sterling silver and polymer earrings and it is really beautiful too. photo editing services reviews The main attraction of these earrings is its color combinations. The pictures you have shared makes me more excited about these earrings. Is this available online? I need this.

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Wow. Nice to see the sterling silver and polymer earrings. I appreciate your great work, and the colour combination is too beautiful. Keep it up. electric car price Thanks for sharing the pictures of these unique work.

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If you are looking for a perfect combo for a wedding party, there is something you can do at home everyone uses the hooded hair dryer for home you can get perfect hairstyle at home these Sterling Silver and Polymer Earrings will help you to get completely ready for the wedding party.

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I like the pattern so much

I like the pattern so much and I hope it is a weightless product as I mainly prefer weightless ornaments. I like the model and color combination provided for the earring. I would like to buy this so please do share the details of the shop where it is available cbd candies

This is a great pattern

I love this site and the sterling silver and earrings. I wear them all the time when I'm at work in my small Tree Services business. Looking forward to more!

I am so happy to see these

I am so happy to see these Sterling Silver and Polymer Earrings. I like the design, and it is too beautiful. Is this earning available online? I want to know the cost of these earnings. Can you please share the price details for us? methods of distribution of goods and services

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I loved the oval-shaped earring more. Both of them are good. But I think the second one will match more for me. I am sure you will have more designs with you. Please share it for us. pet cbd products We need to see them all.

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I love all of Dio Designs

I love all of Dio Designs earrings great shapes and colors

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That is a great design. I hope It will become popular among the girls. stay blessed

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This is the first time I have come across the website of this Dio Designs shared CBD discount here. This particular post shares the details regarding Sterling silver and polymer earrings details. Two cute designs of the earrings are shared here and I am looking here for more updates on that.

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